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watch in 1080HD! Use headphones for surround sound. The former section The BOX united with current section MSD to play a few cadences and Sequence at the end. Exclusive footage, hope you enjoy! Follow on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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  • sdjmalik3 year ago Glad to see them all come together!
  • Jerseys Authentic Nfl Customized Chicago Stitched
    jazzmynbryson2 year agoFor 49ers Shirts 49ers Shirts Ladies sounds good... good to see them together... question though...? Was there a lil tension in the room...?? Seems like it.
  • Markus Thompson3 year ago Now I Just Started Liking This Drumline Now After I Watch This Video
  • Saimoto Bioko-San3 year ago Never thought this day would come, but I'm glad it did and I was a part of it. This just the beginning though, so wait on it. I said a B! Ooooooooo!!!!!.......
  • Z. Stephenson3 year ago Jerseys Authentic Nfl Customized Chicago Stitched Man this was really good I enjoyed it!
  • TT On The Mic 🎀3 year ago Out in the streets, they call it MURDER
  • Brian Jackson3 year ago Legendary epic #BOXshit #MSDnext
  • MusicManC3 year ago Good Stuff... Yup!
  • Fly Mast3 year ago MacFunk Box been around a long time; remember hearing from my dormitory in the late 70's
  • Kyle Dortch3 year ago really good stuff! Those traditional cadences sound pretty awesome!
  • DrumMaster Studios3 year ago Good Stuff BOX and MSD - Keeping The Culture Alive!
  • Two3 DoubleH3 year ago Good vid
  • hopestae3 year ago DRUMLINE!
  • Leandrew252 year ago when did they go from BOX to MSD?
  • Malik Moore3 year ago AYE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Captain 4051 year ago Jerseys Authentic Nfl Customized Chicago Stitched BOX IS THE TRUTH! sad that the section is now called MSD
  • xciv t.v.2 year ago πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  • Spilla Drip1 year agoFashion 12 Flag Jersey Black Usa Tom Brady Patriots BOXπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
  • osugrad053 year ago Waoo DD
  • twicetheKing2 year agoNiner Cheap Niner Jerseys Jerseys What's Box and MSD
  • dylan knight3 year ago nice #classic
  • jlove13083 year ago WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW 14K & DA BOX BACK AGAIN????????????
  • Dr. D-I-T9 days ago ....aaaaand this is why I say that PV is the one school that gives WT headaches every year. to the end can easily stand toe to toe with Series and the first time I saw it played I thought, "This is their ENTRANCE cadence????" I get tired every time just watching it. These guys aren't afraid of anyone, have their own style and their own form of aggression in their playing while staying up to date with the marching percussive art.
  • Carl Sledge2 year ago What's MSD? Did they change the name?
  • Theron Wright5 months ago Why did the box Chang their name ?
  • Joey Parrish1 year ago What cadence is that at 3minutes 40 seconds
  • TheGodsRain3 year ago Beautiful job, looks like y'all were happy to keep the fun going, since y'all had to be stopped!!! Keep enjoying "the beat", I love it when a band truly loves what they do! Keep the Fun Going!!!
  • Antoinette Tyus2 year ago very assume timing good band instructor
  • charles mckayJerseys Authentic Nfl Customized Chicago Stitched 3 year ago I dig some of the writing, but I see how much famu inspired them by the number of cadences they played from Z28.
  • el frio3 year ago so is this the first step in the box coming back?? asking as a fan!
  • Derick Gates1 year ago Get on Mississippi level 😈☝🏾
  • Just Spud1 year ago Damn I miss this shit😣 Felt good to see some of the BOX fam.. #classof05 #Thunderkatz #NickelbagofFunk #BOX #DallasTx
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